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Loong Kong Youth Group By-Laws

Article I – Goals


To Promote an awareness of the Association

To maintain the confraternity of the four families: Lew, Kwan, Jung and Chew

To prepare Loong Kong Tien Yee youths for potential membership in the Loong Kong Association.

To provide the opportunity for fellowship among Loong Kong youths.

To organize and encourage involvement in activities that promote the welfare of the Chinese Commnity.

Article II - Membership & Responsibilities

A. All youths of the four families: Lew ( ), Kwan ( ), Jung ( ) and Chew ( ) are eligible for membership in the group.

A member in good standing (MIGS) is one who has attended at least 50% of the meetings during the preceeding 12 months prior to a vote.

1. The initial members in good standing shall consist of all persons who have attended any group meetings

Any member may be expelled from a meeting or group social event for disorderly conduct.

2. Disorderly conduct consists of socially unacceptable behavior

Article III – Quorum

Quorum is defined as the lesser of 25% or 50% of the MIGS.

Only MIGS may vote on group matters.

Article IV – Elections

Nominations shall be held at the general meeting in November of each year.

Elections shall be held in December of each year.

Notice of elections shall be sent to all members at least 14 days in advance.

The president, secretary and treasurer shall be elected at large. The chairperson representing each family shall be elected by members of that family,

The president shall appoint an ad hoc committee, consisting of one member of each family, to oversee and certify the election.

If a candidate receives over fifty percent (50%) of the votes cast for a particular position, he/she shall be elected. If no candidate receives over 50% of the votes cast, a runoff election between the two candidates receiving the most votes for the position shall occur.

Article IV – Officers

The Loong Kong Youth Group shall have the following officers.

1. President

2. Lew Chairperson

3. Kwan Chairperson

4. Jung Chairperson

5. Chew Chairperson

6. Secretary

7. Treasurer

Article VI – Executive committee

The executive committee (EXCOM) shall comprise the President and the four Chairpersons.

1. Three members of the EXCOM shall constitute a quorum.


2. Attend all meetings and group events.

3. Coordinate and keep abreast of all group activities.

4. Call and organize special elections to fill vacant seats, subject to ARTICLE IV, Sections C, D, E and F.

5. Place the interests of the group as a whole above interests of any one family or individual.

6. Work toward the achievement of the group’s goals.

7. Hold an organizational meeting in January of each year.


All proposed policies my be adopted only upon approval by the general membership.


Each officer shall hold office until a successor has been chosen or that officer has resigned or been removed.


8. Sucession

a. If the president is unable to complete his/her term, the membership shall elect on of the 4 chairpersons to fill the seat of the presidency.

9. Powers

a. To appoint ad hoc committee as needed.

b. To preside over all general membership meetings.

c. To be an ex officio member of all committees.

d. To approve the expenditure of sums under $25 for group purposes.

e. To delegate duties.

10. Duties

a. To work within the EXOM to prepare a working budget and to submit it to the general membership of February for approval.

b. To act as official representative of the Loong Kong Youth Group.

c. To co-sign all checks of the group.



11. Duties

a. To assist fellow officers in matters of group concerns.

b. To represent the interests of the family of which he/she is a representative.

3. Powers

a. Call meetings of the family of which he/she is a representative.


12. Duties

a. To record and report the minutes of all general meetings.

b. To maintain a record of membership attendance of all general meetings.

c. To assist other officers in matters of group concerns.

d. To distribute an updated roster of all members and officers in February of each year.

13. Powers

a. To excuse members from attendance at meetings for good cause. A member may not be excused from attendance at more than 2 meetings per year.


14. Duties

a. To maintain records of income and expenditures of the group.

b. To prepare an annual financial report for presentation to the membership in January of each year.

c. To report the financial situation of the group at all general meetings.

d. To prepare other financial reports as requested by the EXOM.

e. To co-sign all checks of the group,

Article VII - Recall


1. Any MIGS may move for the recall election of the President, Secretary, or Treasurer by petition signed by the greater of 25% or 10% of all MIGS.

2. Upon receipt of a valid recall petition, the EXOM (with the exception of the officer(s) involved) shall organize a recall election to be held within 30 days of receipt of the recall petition.

3. Approval by two-thirds of the votes cast shall relieve an officer of his/her position, duties and powers.

4. Upon recall of an officer, the position shall be declared vacant.

5. Each family shall follow the same procedure within its own group for recall of its Chairperson, except that the greater of twenty-five or ten percent shall be used for petition purposes.

Article VIII – Parliamentary Authority

The latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, shall be the parliamentary authority or this group unless otherwise specified herein.

Article IX – Amendments


All proposed amendments to these by laws must be submitted in writing to the Secretary and be accompanied by a petition signed by the lesser of 25% or 10% of the MIGS.

Action in the form of the calling of a special election should be taken by the President no more than 14 days after receipt of the petition.

All members must be notified of amendments to these by laws at least 14 days in advance of the meeting at which they will be voted upon.

All such amendments must be approved by two thirds (2/30 of the votes cast.

Youth Group By Laws